Laravel : Eloquent query for self JOIN

I have a categories table where categories have a parent mentioned within same table as in below screenshot

Laravel : Eloquent query for self JOIN

I want to implement self join in Laravel using Eloquent where parent category is mentioned in a saperate col:

Raw Sql Query:

DB::select("SELECT,, AS `Parent Category Name`
FROM  product_categories AS c
LEFT  JOIN  product_categories AS parents ON = c.parent

which gives me following result :
array:3 [
  0 => {#1146 
    +"id": 1
    +"name": "category 1"
    +"Parent Category Name": "category 2"
  1 => {#673 
    +"id": 2
    +"name": "category 2"
    +"Parent Category Name": null
  2 => {#1079
    +"id": 3
    +"name": "category 3"
    +"Parent Category Name": null

i want to achieve the same using Laravel Eloquent and then loop in my view , can someone please help me i have tried multiple variations found from my searches which did not work


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Method 1

Try something like :

$result = ProductCategorie::leftJoin('product_categories as parents', '', '=', 'product_categories.parent')
         ->select('', '', ' as ParentCategoryName')

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