laravel email markdown template not showing images in mail body

I want to send email with product images.So i am using laravel
markdown mail template.But the probelm is when i send mail i only get
the image link which is given bellow

here is my markdown template code:

        font-size: 10px;
         margin : 0;


        .loginButton { padding: 7px 15px 8px 20px; }


<p>Dear {{ $data['supplier']->name}},</p><br>
<p>There is a new business opportunity:</p>
<p><b>Industry:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->category->industry }}</p>
<p><b>Product Category:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->category->name }}</p>
<p><b>Title:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->title }}</p>
<p><b>Quantity:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->quantity }}</p>
<p><b>Unit:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->unit }}</p>
<p><b>Unit price:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->unit_price }}</p>
<p><b>Payment method:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->payment_method }}</p>
<p><b>Delivery time:</b> {{ $data['rfq']->delivery_time }}</p><br>
<p>To reply, please login to your MerchantBay account and find the request in your RFQ menu.</p><br>
<p>You are receiving this notification because you produce Full Body in the requested country and the requested order quantity matches the information provided in your company profile. If you think this request does not fit to your business, please update your company profile.</p><br>

<p>Best regards,</p>
<p>your Merchant Bay team</p>
 @foreach($data['rfq']->images as $image) 
  {{ asset('storage/'.$image->image) }}<br>
 {{-- <img src="{{ asset('storage/'.$image->image) }}" class="img-responsive"> --}}



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Method 1

You have to embed the image to the email template
This is an example, you can try like this

<img src="{{ embed(public_path() . '/logo.png') }}" alt="" class="top-logo" style="display: block; margin-left: auto;   margin-right: auto;">

Method 2

Try using the helpers paths instead.

If your images are being saved in the public folder use


or if they are saved in the storage folder use


I assume you are using the public folder because you are using asset() so you should try

<img src="{{ public_path('storage/'.$image->image) }}" class="img-responsive">

Laravel Doc

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