laravel how to update a field to a database

This is my code

$admin = Admin::find(25);
        $admin->picture = $destination;

but when I execute it, the picture field is keep NULL for example images/admin_20

the destination is a string to the location of the image.

I already tried ->update() but also nothing becomes saved.

could you help me please

Edit 1

the picture column in my database is varchar(255) utf8_unicode_ci


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Method 1

Try this:

     $admin = Admin::where('id', '=', 25);
     $admin->picture = $destination;

You didn’t provide much code but if it’s a function
      Return $admin->picture;


Laravel is UTF8 by default but just to make sure, check the file

 collation-server = utf8_unicode_ci
 init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'
 character-set-server = utf8

Method 2

Finally I found the problem, three days working to this silly mistake

the ID column in my database should have been id

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