laravel install on bluehost – 500 error despite multiple methods of install

So I have tried this method here: official laravel news blog

That didn’t work. And I don’t even think that method is complete based on further research I have done. Based on that research, I have also in addition to changing the index.php file in the public directory attempted to work with .htaccess, updated the server.php, and changed file permissions for the storage folder to 777 (read write and ex)

Still no luck. 500 server errors. I have ssh access to the server, and have composer working and up to date. I have installed laravel via composer, changed file permission via ssh, and still no luck there. I have manually uploaded a fresh laravel install to the server and tried all these methods, no luck there. I have kept the application all together, and also broken it up so only the public folder is in my public_html and everything links up past that. I have tried everything I could find on the internet.

So now I am wondering if it is simply a bluehost issue. Any help or insight would be appreciated! At this point I could care less about security I just want to get the app running. I can worry about security later. And yes, it has to be on bluehost. Laravel 5.4. Composer version 1.4.0 Apache 2.2.31 PHP 5.4.43

Let’s start with this:
file structure is basic laravel fresh install
storage folder set to 777
And we can work from here?


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Method 1

Laravel 5.4 required PHP >= 5.6.4

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