Laravel language on Auth validation error

I would like to use the laravel default functionality to show the error, but in another language.
I don’t need a “nice name”, but a translation for the **:attribute value in lang files.
Right now if I just use:

<input type="text" placeholder="{{ trans('') }}" name="phone" value="{{ old('phone') }}">
@if ($errors->has('phone'))
<span class="help-block">
    <strong>{{ $errors->first('phone') }}</strong>

it works perfectly, because the :attribute takes the field phone, and in the validation language I have:
'required' => 'The :attribute field is required.',

But how to manage phone field with a language file?

Do I must have to write a custom error for each field? Please tell me I don’t.

The following function is just a wrong example to let you understand what
I’m trying to do

@if ($errors->has('phone'))
    <strong>{{ $errors->first(trans('')) }}</strong>


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Method 1

Really simple!
Just add attributes in the language file!
In my case, for lang/it/validation.php

I just set:

'attributes' => [
    'phone' => 'telefono',

while all remain the same for the sentences
'required' => 'Il campo :attribute &grave; obbligatorio.',

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