Laravel – multiple database connection get average from 3 tables

I have 3 databases

db_1 (students table)

id | students
1  | 42

db_2 (students table)
id | students
1  | 31

db_3 (students table)
id | students
1  | 22

In my controller, how can i get the total average of all students by using only one model (Student). and by just overriding the database connection.


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Method 1

The most important bit is the setConnection() method called on Model before querying. Remember that using it this way you need all the connections defined in your config/database.php under connections.

class StudentsController extends Controller {
        const DB_COUNT = 3;
        private $students;
        public function __construct(Students $students) {
            $this->students = $students;

        public function index(Request $request) {
            for ($i=0; $i<self::DB_COUNT; $i++) { //or foreach through config('database.connections', [])
               $students[] = $this->students->find(1)->students;
            //what is "totalAVG" ???
            $totalAvg = array_sum($students) / self::DB_COUNT;

Alternatively if we want to stick to particular connection names:
public function index(Request $request) {
                foreach (config('database.connections', []) as $connName => $params)
                   $students[] = $this->students->find(1)->students;
                //what is "totalAVG" ???
                $totalAvg = !empty($students) ? array_sum($students) / count($students) : 0;

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