Laravel multiple foreign keys get specific value using querybuilder

I have a table of contracts and here is the example data

id     spec1        spec2          spec3
1        2            4              3

And i got another table of spec and the values are

id       text
1        hello
2        hi
3        hola
4        yow

how can i get the text from spec table? do i need to multiple join them?
what I want is something like

{ 1,
 spec1: hello,
 spec2: yow,
 spec3: hola,
{ 2,
 spec1: hello,
 spec2: yow,
 spec3: hola,

im selecting from contracts table

I tried

      DB::table('contracts as c')

but its wrong and got some errors. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Method 1

try below code:

 DB::table('contracts')->select('','a.text AS spec1','b.text AS spec2','c.text AS spec3')
    ->leftJoin('specs AS a', '', 'contracts.spec1')
    ->leftJoin('specs AS b', '', 'contracts.spec2')
    ->leftJoin('specs AS c', '', 'contracts.spec3')

MySQL documation

Read this Question

Method 2

DB::table('contracts as c')
        ->leftjoin('spec as s1', '', '=', 'c.spec1')
        ->leftjoin('spec as s2', '', '=', 'c.spec2')
        ->leftjoin('spec as s3', '', '=', 'c.spec3')
        ->select(' as', 's1.text as spec1', 's2.text as spec2', 's3.text as spec3')

Let me know the results.

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