Laravel Multiple Joins with Counts (Not Eloquent)

I’m going to convert this Eloquent query to DB query in Laravel.

$users = User::withCount("addresses", "cars")->get();

The above one is Eloquent and it’s working well.
But I’d like to do this with DB query.

I tried to do as following but I couldn’t get expected result.

$users = DB::table("users")->join("addresses", "", "=", "addresses.user_id")
->join("cars", "", "=", "cars.user_id") 
->selectRaw(",, count( as addresses_count, count( as cars_count")
->groupBy("", "")

The result value of addresses_count and cars_count were same and it was multiplied value of two.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Method 1

you just need to add distinct in count like:

$users = DB::table("users")->join("addresses", "", "=", "addresses.user_id")
->join("cars", "", "=", "cars.user_id") 
->selectRaw(",, count(distinct as addresses_count, count(distinct as cars_count")
->groupBy("", "")

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