laravel newbie- syntax for making/setting variable in view with a function in the controller

I’ve started my first project in laravel (following along with the beginner laracasts series). I’ve successfully made a ‘joggers’ scope and get_joggers() function in the controller to pass that set of data to a view- great!

So now- I have a view where I pass all the people, and a partial to show different subsets of them, like so:

@include ('partials._people_list', ['person_group' => $joggers]);

My question: On a view page, what’s the syntax declare/set a variable to the results of a function in the controller? I would imagine something like this, but since a view page wants HTML I’d at least have to put it in some php tags or something (though there’s probably a better way):
$person_group = action('<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="0c5c69637c60694f6362787e636060697e4c6b6978">[email protected]</a>_joggers');

This seems so painfully basic, but the first 27 laracasts didn’t get there and I’ve been hunting around for while. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Method 1

Update! I talked to a buddy at work, and the answer was to make/set $joggers in the PeopleController, and then pass it all along like so:

public function index()
    $people = Person::latest('created_at')
        ->orderBy('last', 'asc', 'first', 'asc')

    $joggers= Person::joggers('created_at')->get();

return view('person.index', compact('people', 'joggers'));

I’ve returned different types of data before, and it hadn’t occurred to me that I could send two different collections of people. Mystery solved 🙂

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