Laravel Notification doesn’t work when queued

I’m using notifications to send emails to the admin when a new note added by the user. If I don’t use the ShouldQueue, all work fine.. When I use queue I got an error

ErrorException: Undefined property: AppNotificationsNewKidNote::$note

what might be the reason?
here is my notification code


namespace AppNotifications;

use IlluminateBusQueueable;
use IlluminateContractsQueueShouldQueue;
use IlluminateNotificationsMessagesMailMessage;
use IlluminateNotificationsNotification;
use AppModelsKidNote;

class NewKidNote extends Notification
    use Queueable;

    protected $note;
    protected $kidname;
    protected $userfullname;
    protected $color;
    protected $sentnote;
    protected $kidid;

    public function __construct($note)
        $this->note          = $note;
        $this->kidname       = $note->kid->name;
        $this->userfullname  = $note->user->fullname;
        $this->color         = $note->color;
        $this->sentnote      = $note->note;
        $this->kidid         = $note->kid_id;

    public function via($notifiable)
        return ['mail','database'];

    public function toMail($notifiable)
        return (new MailMessage)
              ->subject('New Note added')
              ->greeting('Hello ')
              ->line('New Note has been added for '. $this->kidname. ' by '.$this->userfullname)
              ->line('Note Color: '.$this->color)
              ->action('You can also see the note here', route('',$this->kidid));
    public function toDatabase($notifiable)
        return [
           'icon'    => 'notepad',
           'color'   => $this->color,
           'message' => 'New note added for '. $this->kidname ,
           'link'    => route('',$this->kidid)


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Method 1

Note to self.. Make sure you clean the cache and restart the queue :)) then it works fine!! This code runs perfectly. thanks

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