Laravel Notification Facade Queue Response Time

The Laravel docs explain that when dispatching/sending notifcations, you may want to queue them to speed up application response time.

This is exactly what I want to do, however I am calling it using the notification facade rather than the notifiable trait. My concern is the former is bypassing the queue, and I need it to notify a group of users at once.

As it says in the docs:

Alternatively, you may send notifications via the Notification facade.
This is useful primarily when you need to send a notification to
multiple notifiable entities such as a collection of users.

But when I call my Notification via the facade, it doesn’t queue. I know this because when I monitor my network requests and comment out the facade call, my request goes from over 2 seconds (with the notification call) to under .5 seconds (when I comment it out).

Here is the start of my notification class using the queue (NewAsset):


namespace AppNotifications;

use IlluminateBusQueueable;
use IlluminateNotificationsNotification;
use IlluminateContractsQueueShouldQueue;
use IlluminateNotificationsMessagesMailMessage;

class NewAsset extends Notification implements ShouldQueue
    use Queueable;

Here is the call:
$asset = new Asset;
$asset->user_id = Auth::user()->id;
$asset->type = "Text";
$asset->content = $content;
$asset->forum_id = 1;
$users = User::where("id","!=",Auth::user()->id)->get();
Notification::send($users, new NewAsset($asset,Auth::user()));
//if i comment out the notification call above, response time decreases dramatically 

What am I doing wrong?

Oh… it seems it is triggering the queue:

php artisan queue:listen
[2018-03-31 15:48:22] Processing: AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:22] Processed:  AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:23] Processing: AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:23] Processed:  AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:24] Processing: AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:24] Processed:  AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:25] Processing: AppNotificationsNewAsset
[2018-03-31 15:48:25] Processed:  AppNotificationsNewAsset

Why is it so slow then? 🙁


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Method 1

The Notification::send is slow (> 2 seconds), the chance is, you have thousands of notifiable entities pushing to the database queue, which is slow because thousands of insertion statement executes on database. To improve, you can:

  1. Use other queue drivers, such as Amazon SQS, Beanstalkd, Redis etc.. They are optimized for work queue with low latency. They are lightning fast, when compared to database as a work queue.
  2. Create another job and let the worker queue all the notifications, for example:
    php artisan make:job QueueUserNotificationsJob

    dispatch(new QueueUserNotificationsJob(Auth::user()->id));

    public $authUserId = null;
    public function __construct($authUserId) {
        $this->authUserId = $authUserId;
    public function handle() {
        $users = User::where("id", "!=", $this->authUserId)->get();
        Notification::send($users, new NewAsset($asset, $this->authUserId));

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