Laravel query using LIKE does not return any result

Hi guys I’m currently stuck in this issue. I’m trying to search something on DB and doesn’t return any results. Below are my codes.

Search string 1 = Boston Celtics

Search string 2 = Boston Celtics Can’t

DB post_title = Boston Celtics Can’t Let Bulls Loss Impact Difficult Stretch


$data = $searchPost->where('post_title', 'like', '%'.$search.'%')
            ->orderBy('post_date', 'desc')

Search string 1 returns a result but search string 2 is not.


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Method 1

Simple, because your searching different string.

Search String 2 “.. Can’t ..” use Straight Quotes.

DB post_title “.. Can’t ..” use Curly Quotes.

For reference: Straight and curly quotes

Method 2

Try the following code:

1) You code might be breaking string because of ' in can't.

$data = $searchPost->where('post_title', 'like', "%{$search}%")
            ->orderBy('post_date', 'desc')

Method 3

My first guess would be that an apostrophe might be to blame – in SQL Server the concatenation operator is “+” so you also might want to make sure that is right. Maybe try removing an apostrophe character with:

replace($search, ””, ”)

Four single quotes in Microsoft SQL is an escape sequence for a single quote.

Method 4

Had the same problem before

try this

$data = $searchPost->where('post_title', 'like', '"%'.$search.'%"')
        ->orderBy('post_date', 'desc')

as you can see there is a ” before
the % at the start and another after % in the end.

Method 5

If you see carefully you Can’t in your search and your DB, the ' does not look the same


When the ‘ is not the same, sure it can’t be searched. Simple.

Method 6

Had to use str_replace method to change apostrophe character

$search = str_replace('-', ' ', urldecode($request->input('search')));
$search = str_replace("'", "’", $search);

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