Laravel Sail won’t build on Ubuntu 20.04 – groupadd: invalid group ID ‘sail’

I was trying to setup a laravel/sail with docker on the fresh ubuntu install.
After following this manual:

I’m getting an Invalid group ID sail error on sail up (alias has been created so I don’t need to use ./vendor/bin/sail up anymore).

groupadd: invalid group ID 'sail'
ERROR: Service 'laravel.test' failed to build : The command '/bin/sh -c groupadd --force -g $WWWGROUP sail' returned a non-zero code: 3


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Method 1

You can add this to .env file


Both values should be 1000, but you can also get them from bash

id -g <username>
id -u <username>

Method 2

You can solve this by just run this, before making docker-compose up:

export APP_SERVICE=${APP_SERVICE:-"laravel.test"}
export DB_PORT=${DB_PORT:-3306}
export WWWGROUP=${WWWGROUP:-$(id -g)}

This is something that sail do every time you run a command with it, but when you run docker-compose directly you need to do it before.

You can see this here:

Method 3

This happens if you run docker-compose up, if you run sail up it will work as intended.

You might need to configure the alias first:

alias sail='bash vendor/bin/sail'

Method 4

The problem was with the composer itself. After re-installation and clearing docker images it started to build it up!

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