Laravel set an Automatic WHERE Clause

I use models that extend a generic_model, which in turn extends Eloquent (so that I have several crud methods I use already set to be inherited).

A lot of the tables I use invoke soft delete, which needs a WHERE clause of…

WHERE deleted = 0

Is there a way to make Laravel behave in such a way that this WHERE clause is automatically included in all queries and all queries to objects that are related to one another?


pages where id = 5 and deleted = 0

and then…
images where page_id = 5 and deleted = 0


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Method 1

if you’re using laravel 3 this is what you needs

on your model

public function query()

    $query = parent::query();


    return $query;

if you’re using laravel 4 just change the method query for newQuery
public function newQuery()

    $query = parent::newQuery();


    return $query;


Method 2

In relationships you can add the where_clause in your return:

 public function pages()
    return $this->has_many('Page')->where_deleted(0);

In your Model, you could add something like:
public static function active()
    return self::where_delete(0)->get();

to use Page::active() instead of Page::all()
(Or you can remove the ->get() from the function in the model, so you can still further modify your query (Page::active()->order_by('name'))

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