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Welcome ! I have question to you. I’m coding for myself flight logbook in Laravel 5.2. In formular i’ll have time of takeoff and time of arrival and i don’t know how to do in laravel count of time difference and pass it automaticly to databas. So at easiest way it’ll count this time difference for example: takoeff – 12 UTC arrival – 14UTC and then it’ll save this time differece to database as Flight Hours = 2.

Thank u for help


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Method 1

Laravel ships with Carbon which provides an easy helper for this:

$departure = Carbon::parse($myTakeoffTimestamp); // 12 UTC
$arrival = Carbon::parse($myArrivalTimestamp); // 14 UTC

$diff = $departure->diffInHours($arrival, false); // 2

For storing this data:
Schema::create('flights', function(Blueprint $table){
    //other table stuff...


Then you can just do this in your controller:
public function store(IlluminateHttpRequest $request) 
    $flight = new Flight;
        //your other flight info
        'departure' = Carbon::parse($myTakeoffTimestamp),
        'arrival' => Carbon::parse($myArrivalTimestamp),
        'duration' => $takeoff->diffInHours($arrival)

As the timestamp() definition in your Schema builder works flawlessly with Carbon‘s default formatting (which is a timestamp), there is no extra work to get it into the database with this method.

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