Laravel Vue cannot load env variables

I’m trying to disable the Vue Devtools in production so i want inside the app.js to check if the APP_ENV variable is equal to production.

What i have done so far:

Inside webpack.mix.js


Inside app.js


if (process.env.APP_ENV === 'production') {
    Vue.config.devtools = false;
    Vue.config.debug = false;
    Vue.config.silent = true; 

Enviroment Variable


I read the documentantion about adding MIX_APP_ENV so i can inject the variable inside webpack but it didn’t also work.

Folder Structure:

d-----        01-Feb-21  10:31 PM                app
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM                bootstrap
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM                config
d-----        30-Jan-21  10:26 PM                database
d-----        16-Apr-21  10:49 PM                node_modules
d-----        29-Jan-21   1:14 PM                public
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:22 PM                resources
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM                routes
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM                storage
d-----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM                tests
d-----        01-Feb-21   9:29 PM                vendor
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM            220 .editorconfig
-a----        16-Apr-21  10:45 PM            954 .env
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:14 PM            816 .env.example
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM            111 .gitattributes
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM            191 .gitignore
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM            181 .styleci.yml
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM           1686 artisan
-a----        01-Feb-21  10:41 PM           1793 composer.json
-a----        01-Feb-21  10:41 PM         282388 composer.lock
-a----        16-Apr-21  10:49 PM         531190 package-lock.json
-a----        16-Apr-21  10:49 PM           1103 package.json
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM           1202 phpunit.xml
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM           3780
-a----        29-Jan-21  12:12 PM            563 server.php
-a----        16-Apr-21  10:55 PM            578 webpack.mix.js


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Method 1

I figured out that you need to re-run npm run watch if it is already running, that was the actual issue.

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