Looping over a list of sObjects that has more than object type

I’m trying to access a field from a list of sObjects which holds 3 different objects types.

List<SObject> data  = new List<SObject>();

for (sObject li : data) {
    String sObjName = li.Id.getSObjectType().getDescribe().getName();

    if(String.valueOf(sObjName) == 'CR_Contract__c'){
        Month = li.End_Date__c.month(); //Cannot access End_Date__c field
        MonthN = String.valueOf(month);

How can I access the field to run logic?


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Method 1

There’s a better way: the switch statement. You can now do this:

for(sObject li : data){
  switch on li {
    when CR_Contract__c cr {
      Month = cr.End_Date__c.month();
    when ... {
      // etc

This new switch statement will help avoid typos as well, because they will be caught at compile-time.

Method 2

I think I got it. I need to convert it to the type of sObject it is before I can access it.

if(String.valueOf(sObjName) == 'CR_Contract__c'){
    CR_Contract__c con = (CR_Contract__c)li;
    Month = con.End_Date__c.month();
    MonthN = String.valueOf(month);

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