Mailgun error in Lumen – Argument 1 passed to MailgunMailgun::__construct()

I’ve installed Mailgun-php in my Lumen project. ( )

via composer composer require mailgun/mailgun-php kriswallsmith/buzz nyholm/psr7

My codes something like this :

use MailgunMailgun;
$mg = new Mailgun('key-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');


Argument 1 passed to MailgunMailgun::__construct() must be an instance of MailgunHttpClientHttpClientConfigurator, string given, ........

Did anyone solve this problem?

Thank you.


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Method 1

You haven’t actually read the docs for the library you’re using.

use MailgunMailgun;

$mg = Mailgun::create('key-example');

You need to call Mailgun::create(), not create a new instance of Mailgun.

It’s worth noting that Lumen still supports Laravel’s mail implementation, so you could still use that instead of requiring Mailgun directly (if that supported your use-case).

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