Mock child events in test class

I need to create a child event isChild=true with apex. I need it in my test class. any suggestion.

    Event ev1=new Event 
    (OwnerId=u.Id, Subject= 'Appel',
    WhoId =  whoCon.Id,
    StartDateTime =,
    insert ev1;

    EventRelation er = new EventRelation();
    er.RelationId= u1.Id;
    insert er;  
    er.EventId = ev1.Id;
    update er;

    System.debug('#### EVENT 1 ischild ' + ev1.isChild);

I still got ischild = false.

Any Idea?


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Method 1

my understanding is you don’t need to explicitly create a child event..

If an invitee is added to an event a new event is created with invitee as the owner and the isChild flag is set to true.

Refer this previous discussion : How to identify parent of child events?

So after you create your actual Event and the EventRelation, there should be a child event created automatically.

you can query that back and use it in your test class

List<Event> childEvents = [select id,ischild from event where subject = 'Appel' and isChild = true];

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