move table from one schema to another schema ?

I want to move table from one schema to another schema in mysql , can anybody tell me how can I do this .


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Method 1

If both schema is on same server then Alter table can be used to move tables from one db to another.

alter table old_db.fooTable rename new_db.fooTable

Method 2

Moving tables with space characters in between should be enclosed.


ALTER TABLE `schema1`.`tbl somename` 
RENAME TO  `schema2`.`tbl somename` ;

Method 3

Moving fooTable from old_db_schema to new_db_schema will be a 2 step process:

Step 1:

CREATE SCHEMA new_db_schema --Assuming you do not have new schema

Step 2:

ALTER SCHEMA new_db_schema
TRANSFER old_db_schema.fooTable 

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