MySQL creationg table error with Positional message

Hello I am new to MySQL and having trouble creating a table. It says that the types im using are not valid at their position with ‘)’.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this code snippet?

create table CUSTOMER(
    CustomerID int AUTO_INCREMENT, 
    LastName varchar, 
    FirstName varchar, 
    Address varchar, 
    City varchar, 
    State varchar, 
    ZIP number, 
    Phone number,
    EmailAddress varchar,
    constraint pk_cID primary key(CustomerID));


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Method 1

Your table should look like:

create table CUSTOMER(
    CustomerID int not null  AUTO_INCREMENT, 
    LastName varchar(100), 
    FirstName varchar(100),
    Address varchar(100),
    City varchar(100),
    State varchar(100),
    ZIP int, 
    Phone varchar(50),
    EmailAddress varchar(100),
    primary key(CustomerID)
  • number is not a datatype in MySQL
  • When you assign auto_increment it should be not null auto_increment
  • You don’t need a constraint for primary key, just add primary key.
  • I don’t think the best way of storing Phone numbers is int, you might have different formatting the best way is to treat numbers as addresses , so varchar would be better

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