MySQL DATETIME – Change only the date

Starting with : 2011-01-17 09:30:00

Let’s say I want to edit just the date with 2011-01-28

What is the most efficient way to end up with: 2011-01-28 09:30:00


For everyone saying Date_Add… that would require me to subtract the dates, then add the days. Thats a possibility… but was looking to remove that first step, and just “replace” the date


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Method 1

If you really don’t want to use date_add function, you can consider using this construction:

UPDATE table_name SET field_name = concat('2011-01-12 ', time(field_name))

Make sure to add a space after the date (‘2011-01-12).

Method 2

To change it 5 days ahead:

UPDATE yourTableName
SET myDate1 = myDate1 + INTERVAL 5 DAY
WHERE myDate1 = dateIWantToChange

(you can use MONTH, YEAR, etc too)

Method 3

Probably, DATE_ADD is a good idea. link text

Method 4

Check Query

 update yourtable set eventtime=replace(eventtime,substr(eventtime,1,10), '2013-07-17')  WHERE  `id`=4

Method 5

You can add various components of a date to modify it using the Date_Add function. Check this out:

Method 6

Going to use something like:

CONCAT('2011-01-28 ',DATE_FORMAT(original_timestamp, '%H:%i:%s'))

Method 7

Just Use:

UPDATE table_name set column_name= DATE_FORMAT(column_name,'%Y-%m-28 %H:%i-%s');

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