MYSQL order by both Ascending and Descending sorting

I have a mysql table with products.

The products have a category ID and a name.

What I’d like to do is order by category id first descending order and then order by product name ascending order.

SELECT * FROM `products` ORDER BY `products`.`product_category_id`,`naam` DESC

What i’d like is

SELECT * FROM `products` ORDER BY `products`.`product_category_id`,`naam` DESC,ASC

but that unfortunately doesn’t work.

Is this even possible in mysql to define the sorting order of the second sorting column?


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Method 1

You can do that in this way:

ORDER BY `products`.`product_category_id` DESC ,`naam` ASC

Have a look at ORDER BY Optimization

Method 2

I don’t understand what the meaning of ordering with the same column ASC and DESC in the same ORDER BY, but this how you can do it: naam DESC, naam ASC like so:

ORDER BY `product_category_id` DESC,`naam` DESC, `naam` ASC

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