MySQL Row to Column

can any one help me on how can I create a query output using the row data on the source table as a header on my output. Please see below for illustration.


Row Data:

| colHeader | value    |
| Header1   | value 1  |
| Header2   | value 2  |
| Header3   | value 3  |


| Header1   | header2   | Header3   |
| Value 1   | value 2   | Value 3   |

Is it possible??

Here is my MySQL script. I don’t think if is it the right way. Is there any idea on how could i arrive on the above output?

SELECT t1.value AS `Header1`,
       t2.value AS `Header2`,
       t3.value AS `Header3`
  FROM (SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE colHeader='Header1') t1
  JOIN (SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE colHeader='Header2'3) t2
  JOIN (SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE colHeader='Header3') t3;


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Method 1

How about this??

  GROUP_CONCAT(if(colHeader = 'Header 1', value, NULL)) AS 'Header 1', 
  GROUP_CONCAT(if(colHeader = 'Header 2', value, NULL)) AS 'Header 2', 
  GROUP_CONCAT(if(colHeader = 'Header 3', value, NULL)) AS 'Header 3' 
FROM myTable;


Note, you will need GROUP BY statement when there are more data of ids as shown below in Demo 2.

Demo 2

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