MySql stored procedures: How to select from procedure table?

Let’s say we have a stored procedure selecting something from a table:

CREATE PROCEDURE database.getExamples() 
SELECT * FROM examples;

How can I use the result from this procedure in a later select?
(I’ve tried

SELECT * FROM (CALL database.getExamples())

but with no success.)
Should I use SELECT… INTO outVariable in the procedure? Or should I use a function returning the table instead?


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Method 1

Reformulated the question in this thread: Can a stored procedure/function return a table?.
Obviously, it isn’t possible without the use for temp tables.

Method 2

(OID int IDENTITY (1,1),
VAr1 varchar(128) NOT NULL,
VAr2 varchar(128) NOT NULL)

Populate temporary table

INSERT INTO #TempTable(VAr1 , VAr2 )
SELECT * FROM examples

Method 3

In SQL server you can then do SELECT * FROM database.getExamples()

If you want to re-use the ‘procedure’ then, yes, I would put it into a table valued function.

Otherwise you could just SELECT INTO a #temporary table inside the stored procedure.

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