MySQL UPDATE append data into column

I need to UPDATE tablename (col1name)

If there is already data, I need to append it with values ‘a,b,c’
If it is NULL, I need to add the values ‘a,b,c’

I know there is a CONCAT argument, but not sure what the SQL syntax would be.

update tablename set col1name = concat(ifnull(col1name, 'a,b,c'), 'a,b,c')

Is the above correct?


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Method 1

Try this Query:

update tablename set col1name = concat(ifnull(col1name,""), 'a,b,c');

Refer this sql fiddle demo.

Method 2

This should do it:

update tablename set
col1name = if(col1name is null, 'a,b,c', concat(col1name, 'a,b,c'));

Or you could make your life easier by doing it in two steps:

update tablename set col1name = '' where col1name is null;


update tablename set col1name = concat(col1name, 'a,b,c');

Method 3

You can use the following:

update yourtable 
set yourcol = case when yourcol is null then 'a,b,c'
                  else concat(yourcol, ' a,b,c') end

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

Sample data:

CREATE TABLE yourtable(`yourcol` varchar(50));

INSERT INTO yourtable(`yourcol`)
VALUES  ('sadsdh'),

Will return:

|      YOURCOL |
| sadsdh a,b,c |
|        a,b,c |

Method 4

IFNULL(column,”), saves any if statements, makes the SQL much simpler!

MySQL 5.6 Schema Setup:

CREATE TABLE tablename
    (`yourcol` varchar(50))

INSERT INTO tablename

UPDATE tablename SET
    yourcol = CONCAT( IFNULL(yourcol,' '), 'somevalue' )


select *
from tablename


|         yourcol |
| sadsdhsomevalue |
|       somevalue |

Method 5

why are you write ifnull function: it is obvious that if col1name1 is empty it concatenate to null means null+’a,b,c’ simply ‘a,b,c’
set col1name = concat(ifnull(col1name,””), ‘a,b,c’)
instead of this you can directly write
set col1name = concat(col1name, ‘a,b,c’)

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