next-auth JWEDecryptionFailed

I am using this code to be able to use the credentials next-auth provider along with cognito as oauth serviice: this to allow email and password auth. I am running [email protected]:

import CognitoProvider from "next-auth/providers/cognito";
import NextAuth from 'next-auth'
import CredentialsProvider from "next-auth/providers/credentials"
import * as cognito from '../../../lib/cognito'
import { Auth } from 'aws-amplify';

export default NextAuth({
    providers: [
            credentials: {
              username: { label: "Username", type: "text", placeholder: "jsmith" },
              password: {  label: "Password", type: "password" }
            async authorize(credentials, req) {
                try {
                    const user = await Auth.signIn(credentials.username, credentials.password);
                    return user
                } catch (error) {
                    console.log('error signing in', error);
    debug: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' ? true : falsey


I often get this error: decryption operation failed {
  message: 'decryption operation failed',
  stack: 'JWEDecryptionFailed: decryption operation failedn' +
    '    at gcmDecrypt (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/jose/dist/node/cjs/runtime/decrypt.js:67:15)n' +
    '    at decrypt (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/jose/dist/node/cjs/runtime/decrypt.js:92:20)n' +
    '    at flattenedDecrypt (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/jose/dist/node/cjs/jwe/flattened/decrypt.js:119:52)n' +
    '    at async compactDecrypt (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/jose/dist/node/cjs/jwe/compact/decrypt.js:18:23)n' +
    '    at async jwtDecrypt (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/jose/dist/node/cjs/jwt/decrypt.js:8:23)n' +
    '    at async Object.decode (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/next-auth/jwt/index.js:64:7)n' +
    '    at async Object.session (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/next-auth/core/routes/session.js:41:28)n' +
    '    at async NextAuthHandler (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/next-auth/core/index.js:96:27)n' +
    '    at async NextAuthNextHandler (/home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/next-auth/next/index.js:21:19)n' +
    '    at async /home/aurel/Documents/repos/front/node_modules/next-auth/next/index.js:57:32',
  name: 'JWEDecryptionFailed'

found in the docs but does not really help



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Method 1

just had to add a secret to make it work

export default NextAuth({
    secret: process.env.AUTH_SECRET,
    providers: [

Method 2

The secret a-dawg comment must be inserted into the .env.local file

More info:

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