Not all parameters were used in the SQL statement in Python

I am a beginnner in mysql in Python. I would like to see all columns in my my_sheet_detail. I try this code:

import datetime as dt

class DatabaseConnector(MyConnector):
    def __init__(self):
        super(DatabaseConnector, self).__init__("mypage_cz")

    def load_positions(self, date:, manual: bool = False) -> List[Route]:
        query = f"""
            SELECT  *
            FROM `my_sheet_detail` 
        self.cur.execute(query, (date,))
        data = self.cur.fetchall()
        return data

def show_positions():
    DATE = [(2019, 3, 8)]
    for day in DATE:
        date =[0], day[1], day[2])
        dbc = DatabaseConnector()
        routes = dbc.load_positions(date)

But I get an error mysql.connector.errors.ProgrammingError: Not all parameters were used in the SQL statement. Can you help me please? What other parameters do I need? I just need to print the whole database my_sheet_detail.


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Method 1

self.cur.execute(query, (date,))

Why are you sending the date as a parameter when it’s not being used in the query?
Remove it, it should work.

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