Not work id getter in model (i use uuid type)

I make the primary key as uuid in Model.

Migration with uuid primary key:

Schema::create('brands', function (Blueprint $table) {

Checking model:
Psy Shell

>>> $x = AppModelsBrand::find('e025b8aa-c71e-42ca-b87c-7ee27695b83a');
=> AppModelsBrand {#720
  id: "e025b8aa-c71e-42ca-b87c-7ee27695b83a",
  title: "Batman",
  created_at: "2017-04-28 23:51:41+10",
  updated_at: "2017-04-28 23:51:41+10",

When accessing the model, it contains the correct data.
>>> $x->title
=> "Batman"
>>> $x->id
=> 0

Why zero?


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Method 1

Eloquent has some default conventions and thus has some expectations on your model, table, constraints etc…
Luckily, you can change them:

From the Laravel documentation:

Primary Keys

Eloquent will also assume that each table has a primary key column
named id. You may define a $primaryKey property to override this

In addition, Eloquent assumes that the primary key is an incrementing
integer value, which means that by default the primary key will be
cast to an int automatically. If you wish to use a non-incrementing or
a non-numeric primary key you must set the public $incrementing
property on your model to false.

Regarding your question: “Why zero?”

Because Eloquent casts the string of "e025b8aa-c71e-42ca-b87c-7ee27695b83a" explicitly to an int value and that result is int 0

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