Fix libwacom9 dependency issue when upgrade Debian

The following packages have unmet dependencies: libwacom9 : Depends: libwacom-common (= 2.1.0-2) but 1.12-1 is to be installed This should fix the issue on most cases: # apt install libwacom9 libwacom-common=2.1.0-2 If the command above returns error: E: Version ‘2.1.0-2’ for ‘libwacom-common’ was not found Try this: # apt remove libwacom2 When run the command … Read more

Install Docker & docker-compose on Ubuntu 20.04

Install with one command: curl -sL | bash Or follow the below steps. 1. Install Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 sudo apt-get update sudo apt install sudo systemctl enable –now docker sudo usermod -aG docker $USER newgrp docker 2. Install docker-compose on Ubuntu 20.04 sudo apt-get install curl sudo curl -L “$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)” … Read more

Magento ON-DEMAND courses are now free until June 30th, 2020

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Update 2020-08-20 If you already added the free courses, you can still visit and learn them for free via this URL:   Today I’ve just discovered the Magento 2 courses for newbies are now free (again). It worth $2500 but it’s now free until June 30th, 2020. If you are new with Magento 2 … Read more

Environment variables from docker-compose .env to Dockerfile

1. Declare the variables in .env PHPFPM_IMAGE=php:7.2-fpm USER_ID=1000 2. Pass the variables to Dockerfile using args in docker-compose.yml version: '3' services: app: build: context: . dockerfile: Dockerfile args: PHPFPM_IMAGE: ${PHPFPM_IMAGE} USER_ID: ${USER_ID} 3. Use the keyword ARG to receive the variables in Dockerfile # ARG to use WITH "FROM" ARG PHPFPM_IMAGE FROM $PHPFPM_IMAGE # ARG … Read more