one form submision to 2 controllers in laravel

so i have 2 tables in my db: example students and hobbies.
so that means 2 controllers as well StudentController and HobbyController.
and as well 2 models.

i have a form where it takes for example:

  • 1.student name
  • 2.age
  • 3.height
  • 4.weight
  • 5.bmi
  • 6.hobby
  • 7.schedule
  • 8.intensity

the first five has to go to studentcontroller
and the 6-9 goes to hobbycontroller..
how shud i do this? i dont want 2 different forms …


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Method 1

This might not be the best answer but you could use single form to pass to the a controller and then pass the data to the multiple repositories.


Route::resource('student', 'StudentController');

public function __constructor(StudentRepository $student, HobbyRepository $hobby)
    $this->student = $student;
    $this->hobby= $hobby;

public function store(Request $request)
    $data = $request->all();
    $hobby = [
        'hobby' => $data['hobby'],
        'schedule' => $data['schedule'],
        'intensity' => $data['intensity'],
        'diet' => $data['diet'],
    $student = [
        'student_name' => $data['student_name'],
        'age' => $data['age'],
        'height' => $data['height'],
        'weight' => $data['weight'],
        'bmi' => $data['bmi'],


    //your other codes.

public function store($data)
   // your implementation on storing the user.

public function store($data)
   // your implementation on storing the hobby.

You could use any method and variables to pass the data from controller. Hope this helps.


For your extended question on the storing and retrieving information.

As stated in the docs:

The create method returns the saved model instance:

$flight = AppFlight::create(['name' => 'Flight 10']);

For more information refer to the docs:

If you want to pass the student id to the hobby the simplest method is to return the student from StudentRepository and pass it to the HobbyRepository.



public function store($data)
   // your implementation on storing the user.
   $student = [] // array of the student informations to be stored.
   return Student::create($student); //you will have student information here.

$student = $this->student->store($student); //store the student information and get the student instance.
$this->hobby->store($hobby, $student->id); //pass it to the hobby to store id.

You should change the hobbyRepository store to use the student id.

This might fix your extended problem.

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