PHP MySQL Loop on two-level data

I am trying to extract two layer data from mysql database with a single mysql query and then display it grouped by top-layer with a php while loop.

<?php $org = "1";

$row1 = mysqli_prepare($db,"SELECT * FROM menu WHERE org = ? ORDER BY mid DESC"); 
$row1->bind_param("s", $org);
mysqli_stmt_execute($row1); $row2 = mysqli_stmt_get_result($row1);

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($row2)){ ?>

<div class="category"><?php echo $row["item"]; /* GROUPED*/?>
<div class="item"><?php echo $row["item"]; /* INDIVIDUAL ITEM*/?></div>

<?php }; ?>
11Category 1
211Item 1$10
311Item 2$12
41Category 2
541Item 3$12
641Item 4$90

PHP MySQL Loop on two-level data

Obviously each item will appear only once but also the category will appear as many times as the underlying items. In the code however i need to group all items under the same parent category. Any ideas?

Desired Result

Category 1
– Item 1
– Item 2
Category 2
– Item 3
– Item 4

Or in terms of the HTML code output:

<div class="category">Parent Category 1<br>
<div class="item">Item 1</div>
<div class="item">Item 2</div>
<div class="category">Parent Category 3<br>
<div class="item">Item 3</div>
<div class="item">Item 4</div>


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Method 1

Add flow control to your code

$org = "1";

$row1 = mysqli_prepare($mysqli,"SELECT * FROM menu WHERE org = ? ORDER BY mid ASC"); 
$row1->bind_param("s", $org);
$row2 = mysqli_stmt_get_result($row1);
$controlfirst = 0;
while(  $row = mysqli_fetch_array($row2)) {
    if ( !isset($row["parent"])) { 
        if ( $controlfirst == 1) {  ?>          
    <?php } ?>
        <div class="category"><?php echo $row["item"]; /* GROUPED*/ 
     $controlfirst = 1;
    else { 
            <div class="item"><?php echo $row["item"];?> </div>/* INDIVIDUAL ITEM*/
    <?php  }
if ( $controlfirst == 1) {  ?>      

<?php } ?>

See example

Method 2

This should do it;

SELECT          T.*, 
                IF(T.parent IS NULL, T.mid, T.parent) AS ParentGroup
FROM            mytable as T
WHERE  = 1 # Comment out here to get for all org
ORDER BY ASC, ParentGroup ASC, T.parent IS NULL DESC, T.mid ASC

Note: Please read the SQL injection policies carefully before using SQL statements with your code.

I hope you already know how to fetch data with PHP from MySQL; once all records are fetched, you can loop through like below;

... Here you already fetched all the records from database into $Recordset array

foreach($Recordset as $Data){ // Loop through the record set
        print "<li>{$Data["item"]}</li>"; // Item
        print "<div class="Category"><h1>{$Data["item"]}</h1><ul class="Item">"; // Category

print "</ul></div>";

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