Problem on check condition on laravel php

I have a problem on my laravel code. I want to check condition and show up using dd my code here.

$ca = floatval($sw->terminal_ca); // $sw->terminal_ca from postgresql type number(8,6) = 0.003480
$max_ca = $this->terminal_ca*(1+($this->tolerance/100)); // $this->terminal_ca from postgresql type number(16,4) = 0.0029
                                                            // $this->tolerance from postgresql type number(16,4) = 20.0000

($ca <= $max_ca));

but my result here

Problem on check condition on laravel php

not acceptable.
it should be true.
What’s wrong on my code?
How can I solve it?


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Method 1

I have given static values in the controller and it’s working fine.
Kindly check your type in the database from where you are fetching data dynamically.

Problem on check condition on laravel php

Method 2

I round it before comparison is ok now. Thank @El_Vanja

$ca = round($ca, 6);
$min_ca = round($min_ca, 6);

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