Problem with packages after Laravel namespace change to AppModels

So I used the namespace models shift to make the change from App to AppModels.

One of the packages in use (Ticketit) is calls AppUser in it and I need a way to override this.

The offending file is:

How can I override the “use Appuser;” line there?


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Method 1

From what I am looking at in the source code, that is hardcoded, so you cannot do anything then… I am not sure if you could “fake” the AppUser to point to AppModelsUser using composer but that would be nasty, same if you created a class on inside app folder with name User and it only extends the model like this:

namespace App;

use AppModelsUser as UserModel;

class User extends UserModel { }

That is nasty but maybe is a solution for you…

Edit: If you read carefully the documentation (please do so next time you use a package), it already says to make sure that AppUser exists…

It tells you to do:

namespace App;

class User extends ModelsUser {
    //leave this empty

For more info, see this github issue or create yourself a new one.

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