Queries on ‘All subscribers’ attributes in Marketing Cloud

I have an attribute called CardId in my all subscribers list and want to query it, but I get the following error if I do so: "The query syntax is invalid" Invalid column name 'CardId'.

This is the query I tried to execute:

Select CardId from _subscribers

Is it correct that I can’t use attributes other than the standard ones from the _dataview table in a query activity?

My workaround solution would be to export the all subscribers list (1.3 million rows), import them into a data extension and then query this data extension. But that seems a bit strange to me.


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Method 1

As long as the account is an Enterprise 2.0 account, you can query Profile Attributes by accessing the _EnterpriseAttribute data view.

Data View: EnterpriseAttribute

Simply do a join onto the _EnterpriseAttribute table, and you’ll have access to all of your fields.

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