React dev tools – Deactivate “break on warnings”

While developing with create-react-app, my browser enters debugger mode on warnings:

React dev tools - Deactivate "break on warnings"

It breaks on the source code of react-dev-tools:

   // --- Welcome to debugging with React DevTools ---
   // This debugger statement means that you've enabled the "break on warnings" feature.
   // Use the browser's Call Stack panel to step out of this override function-
   // to where the original warning or error was logged.

How can I deactivate this behavior?


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Method 1

Go to Chrome Devtools → in the Chrome console, go to Component → Click on Settings → unset Break on Warning. Do the same in ProfilerSettings → unset Break on warning.

@cadoman pointed check and then uncheck to make work for sure.

P.S: Image from

React dev tools - Deactivate "break on warnings"

Method 2

Based on pull request DevTools: Make break-on-warn off by default #19309 it seems it’s a bug.

The Break On Warnings box was unchecked for me and it still would break. Removing and readding the extension to force an update fixed it for me.

I don’t know of another way to force Chrome to update an extension outside of its regular schedule.

Method 3

Go to your ReactDev tools in the tab Debugging and disable “Break on Warning”.

I think this new behavior started today with this new PR:

Method 4

Chrome has a “BlackBox script” feature which is useful in this case.

  1. Go to Chrome Developer tools -> source tab
  2. Select “react_developer_tools.js” from the left pane
  3. Right-click file and select “Blackbox script”

React dev tools - Deactivate "break on warnings"

Method 5

It’s a known issue. A workaround is posted on GitHub: Bug: Unexpected debugger statement in DevTools (solved) #19308

Method 6

The issue is due to a recent release. A Workaround proposed by the React team is:

  • Go to Chrome Developer Tools
  • Click on the Components Tab (React Developer Tools Extension)
  • Click on the Settings icon (located next to the component search box)
  • Once modal opens select the Debugging tab
  • Finally, double click on the Break on Warnings checkbox (check and unchecked)

Make sure at last the Break on Warnings checkbox is unchecked.

Reference: Issue link

React dev tools - Deactivate "break on warnings"

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