React Redux: How to handle errors in RTK Queries/Mutation Typescript?

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Im using Typescript with RTK mutation everything is working good but if i send any error from backend in specific json format like

   status: "Error",
   message "Something went wrong"

when i check on my browser network tab its showing me the correct error response like:
   data: { 
      status: "Error",
      message "Something went wrong"

Im getting error in the mutation hook:
const [createCategory, {isLoading, error }] = useCreateCategoryMutation();

but I can’t access in my react it is giving me types error like:
Property 'data' does not exist on type 'FetchBaseQueryError | SerializedError'.


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Method 1

At this point, it could be an error from the server (FetchBaseQueryError) or just any error thrown by code you wrote (SerializedError, e.g. in query, queryFn, transformResponse etc.) – and that could have a completely different shape.

To make sure it’s a FetchBaseQueryError, just do

if ('data' in error) {
  // TypeScript will handle it as `FetchBaseQueryError` from now on.

Method 2

I found the answer for your question here written by Phry as well 🙂 ,

If you know the format that will be returned with all non-2xx-status responses from your server, you could just cast your

fetchQuery as BaseQueryFn<string | FetchArgs, unknown, YourErrorType, {}>.

React Redux: How to handle errors in RTK Queries/Mutation Typescript?

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