ReactJs “Invariant violation…” Classic react issue

This is a typical react issue but I kinda don’t know how to handle it.
I just want to render my table lines dynamically but I get the error:”
“Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: processUpdates(): Unable to find child 2 of element. This probably means the DOM was unexpectedly mutated (e.g., by the browser), usually due to forgetting a when using tables, nesting tags like ,

, or , or using non-SVG elements in an parent. Try inspecting the child nodes of the element with React ID .2.1.0.”

I understand react is not finding the right DOM stuff but how to handle that ? Thanks in advance !

<div className="panel-body" style={panelstyle}>
              <Table striped bordered condensed hover>
                  <th> Currency </th>
                  <th> Amount </th>
                  <th> Issuer </th>
                  <th> Limit </th>
                  <th> Limit Peer </th>
                  <th> No-Ripple </th>
                  {this.state.ripplelines[this.address] ?

                              this.state.ripplelines[this.address],i) {

                            return      (<tr>
                                          <td> USD </td>
                                          <td> 1500 </td>
                                          <td> raazdazdizrjazirazrkaẑrkazrâkrp </td>
                                          <td> 1000000000 </td>
                                          <td> 0 </td>
                                          <td> True </td>
                  : ""}


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Method 1

There is an answer here: React js: Invariant Violation: processUpdates() when rendering a table with a different number of child rows

Just prepare your rows before rendering!

 var rows = [];
      if(this.state.ripplelines[this.address] ) {
        _.each(this.state.ripplelines[this.address].lines, function(line) {
           rows.push(                   <tr>
                                          <td> somestuff!</td>

return (
    <Table striped bordered condensed hover>
                      <th> Currency </th>
                      <th> Amount </th>
                      <th> Issuer </th>
                      <th> Limit </th>
                      <th> Limit Peer </th>
                      <th> No-Ripple </th>

Method 2

For anyone using Immutable with React.js:

I was getting the same error even with proper <thead> and <tbody>. Turns out I was using Immutable.List() to store my <tr> elements. Converting that to an array via .toArray() solved this error.

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