Redirect to custom object tab in lightning

I have created custom tabs inside an object’s flexipage and I wonder if there’s a way to redirect via js or apex to this custom tab.
For example I want to be redirected to ‘Oferta’ tab after doing some custom development.
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Thanks in advance


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Method 1

You can use standard__navItemPage (Navigation Item Page Type) with lightning:navigation here. Refer to the documentation for pageReference Types those are utilized with the component for details. From documentation:

Navigation Item Page Type

A page that displays the content mapped to a CustomTab. Visualforce tabs, Web tabs, Lightning Pages, and Lightning Component tabs are supported.

Your navigation should look like as below:

    "type": "standard__navItemPage",
    "attributes": {
        "apiName": "MyCustomTabName" // replace with the API name of your custom tab   

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