Resize base64 image and get the return value out of the function in nodejs

async function imgResize(data){
// Convert base64 to buffer => <Buffer ff d8 ff db 00 43 00 ...
const buffer = Buffer.from(data, "base64");, (err, res) => {
    if (err) throw new Error(err);
    console.log("Original image size: "+res.getWidth()+"x"+res.getHeight())
    if (res.getWidth() > 1025){
        res.resize(1025, Jimp.AUTO)
        console.log("resized image size: "+res.getWidth()+"x"+res.getHeight())
    res.getBase64(Jimp.AUTO, (err, value)=>{
        if(err){return err)}
        return value;
const img =  await imgResize(base64data)

I get, SyntaxError: await is only valid in async functions and the top level bodies of modules.
But if I remove the async and just print the value without returning it, it works fine. So how I will able to get the value out of that function as return value and hold it in a variable?


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Method 1

You can’t return values inside an asynchronous callback and expect them to be assigned to a variable. Asynchronous callbacks are executed at a later point in time by Node.js at which point the execution context is lost. For example, this won’t work:

function getImageWidth(buffer) {, (err, res) => {
    // Outside context is lost and returning here doesn't
    // affect the return value of `getImageWidth` parent function
    return res.getWidth(); // won't work 🚫

const width = getImageWidth(buffer);
console.log(width); // undefined

To accomplish what you want, you have two options:

  1. Use a promisified version of Jimp and keep using async/await
  2. Convert imgResize from async/await to use a callback

Turns out Jimp returns a promise if you don’t pass a callback function so going for solution #1 is most straightforward. Refactoring from callbacks to async/await would give us the following:

async function imgResize(data) {
  const buffer = Buffer.from(data, "base64");
  const res = await;
  console.log(`Original image size: ${res.getWidth()} x ${res.getHeight()}`);

  if (res.getWidth() > 1025){
    res.resize(1025, Jimp.AUTO);
    console.log(`Resized image size: ${res.getWidth()} x ${res.getHeight()}`);
  return res.getBase64Async(Jimp.AUTO);

const img = await imgResize(base64data);

Note: For this to work you need to have top-level await enabled by using ES Modules (ESM). Otherwise you should wrap the last line in an IIFE:

(async () => {
  const img = await imgResize(base64data);

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