Return url of localhost in laravel using transbank

I am totally new to laravel, I have been creating a project to pay with transbank, everything is fine, but when I return my url I can’t find my localhost path.

Laravel’s artisan server starts withphp artisan serve --host=my-ip-address --port:8000 I really don’t know what happens.

Do I occupy windows, do I have to install any configuration? or while this environment should be done on a server like Xampp and do some configuration? I am super lost, my return url in laravel I leave it like this in the browser.


So it starts, it goes to the transbank page and everything is fine, but when returning the url that I specify in the method it does not work.

my code laravel

web routes

Route::get('/initPay', '<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="f6a19394a6978fa69a838585b599988284999a9a9384b69f989f82a6978fa19394">[email protected]</a>');
Route::post('/confirm_pay', '<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="3c6b595e6c5d456c50494f4f7f5352484e535050594e7c5f53525a554e516c5d45">[email protected]</a>');


namespace AppHttpControllers;

use IlluminateHttpRequest;
use TransbankWebpayWebpayPlus;
use TransbankWebpayWebpayPlusTransaction;

class WebPayPlussController extends Controller

    public function __construct(){
        WebpayPlus::configureForIntegration('597055555532', '579B532A7440BB0C9079DED94D31EA1615BACEB56610332264630D42D0A36B1C');

    public function initPayWeb(Request $request){

        $buy_order ='abc456';
        $response = (new Transaction)->create(

        $url =$response->getUrl().'?token_ws='.$response->getToken();
        return redirect()->away($url);

    public function confirmPay(Request $request){
        $confirm=  (new Transaction)->commit($request->get('token_ws'));

            return 'is Approved';
            return 'is not Approved';



Please, if someone can guide me more on the subject or how to make it return to the localhost url, I would really appreciate it, I searched and I am still lost..


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Method 1

Route /confirm_pay will definitely not work with a private IP address… which isn’t route-able.

You would need to deploy that script to a server with a publicly available IP address.

ngrok might be a possible workaround, but a rather cumbersome one.

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