Salesforce webhook for Wufoo form integration

I have a wufoo form (survey) which goes out to different clients. On submit I want the wufoo form to call an Apex REST class on my Salesforce org and post data which will be created in a record for a custom object.

Salesforce webhook for Wufoo form integration

The Webhook URL is:

This is my code for the post:

global with sharing class SurveyWebhook {
    global static void getSurveyData() {
        RestRequest req = RestContext.request;
        System.debug('------------------- survey data from wufoo: ' + JSON.deserializeuntyped(req.requestBody.toString()));

I do not know the format of the POST data Wufoo is going to send.
When I submit the form it gives an error for the webhook integration saying:

(401) [{“message”:”Session expired or

I believe this is because I am not sending the session id or some authorzation key. How do I do this? Also, how do I read the data from the POST body?


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Method 1

As you are setting up the REST service as WebHook, you have to access this over a public URL.

You can’t access the service with this Salesforce instance URL
without authorization.

In Wufoo console I don’t think there is any option to provide Salesforce authentication/authorization details.

So first create a site and add the REST class and any relevant objects/fields to your Site’s Public Access Settings. So that you can access the REST methods via the Site URL without login.

The URL will look like this: https://<Your Site URL>/services/apexrest/MySurveyClass

Add this URL as WebHook URL in Wufoo console. Now you are ready to get the form details in Salesforce and do your processing like saving in a custom object.

Your REST Class should look like this:

global with sharing class MySurveyClass {
    global static void doPost(){
        RestRequest req = RestContext.request;
        String EntryId = req.params.get('EntryId');
        String Field1 = req.params.get('Field1');

Where EntryId, Field1 are the form field names in the Wufoo form.

The quickest way to see what data will be sent from the webhook is to submit a new entry to your form and visit the following link to see the entry in xml format with all the relevant fields: https://<yourAccountName><yourFormName>/entries.xml

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