select all data before a specify service ID

Good morning !

I have create this fiddle for you:


  1. Create a table “timeslots”
  2. Fill this table with a date range from tomorrow to + 2 days , time range. 14-18 o’clock.
  3. Update 3 times lots and set service to “2” (I chose random IDs)
  4. SELECT * FROM timeslots ORDER BY timeslot ASC

And this is the result, which shows the fiddle.
But now I need to expand my sql query to get a specific result and I don’t know how I can realize it. Maybe you have some idea.

First step:
I would like to get only the timeslots where service = 0:

Easy for me:

SELECT * FROM timeslots WHERE service = 0

A part of the result:

2021-07-06 14:00:00 0
2021-07-06 15:00:00 0
2021-07-06 16:00:00 2 (not this value, because service is not 0)
2021-07-06 17:00:00 0

All ok !

But If there exist – on the same day – a timeslot with service 2 (like the result above 2021-07-06 16:00:00) I need only the values AFTER 2021-07-06 16:00:00. In this example the result should be:

2021-07-06 17:00:00

I hope you understand my problem and you can help me !
Thank you !


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Method 1

You are looking for NOT EXISTS, because you want to look at rows where not exists a service-two slot on the same day at that time or later.

select *
from timeslots ts
where not exists
  select null
  from timeslots ts2
  where date(ts2.timeslot) = date(ts.timeslot)
  and time(ts2.timeslot) >= time(ts2.timeslot)
  and service = 2
order by timeslot;


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