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I want to select column value from a row by column index. I am trying to fetch data from a mysql database by using laravel php framework. I am able to select column value by its name but I didn’t find a way to select by column index.

    namespace AppHttpControllers;
    use IlluminateHttpRequest;
    use IlluminateSupportFacadesDB;
    class HomeController extends Controller
        public function sample_name()
            $page_title = 'Page1';
            $page_description = 'Some description for the page';
            $action = __FUNCTION__;
            $table = DB::select("my select query");
            foreach ($table as $value) {

               // I want to select first column value from this row
               $first_column_value = .....

            return view('', compact('page_title', 'page_description','action'));


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Method 1

why you can’t access with index because $value is associative array, to access by index you can use array_value($array) which return the index array

foreach($table as $value){
  $first_column_value =$value[0];
  $second_column_value =$value[1];

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