Selenium XPath merge spans text and find element that contains substring

I have problem creating Selenium query to select specific element from list using XPath.
I’ve tried //li[contains(text(), 'Addressing machine wholesaling')] but seems I need to merge inner spans somehow. Is there any way to do this?

Here is the example of list. I need to select first li element at this case.

<ul aria-labelledby="businessActivitySuggestionsProbableHeader1" class="anzsicList probable">
   <li activity="55" index="0" role="option" class="">
       <span class="matchText">Addressing</span>
       <span class="matchText">machine</span>
       <span class="matchText">wholesaling</span>
   <li activity="4554" index="1" role="option" class="">
       <span class="matchText">Machine</span> manufacturing (including accounting, 
       <span class="matchText">addressing</span>, business, enveloping, letter folding, numbering, photocopying or duplicating)

If it’s impossible maybe there other way to do that rather then using XPath?


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Method 1

This XPath,

//li[normalize-space() = 'Addressing machine wholesaling']

will select your first li element, as requested.

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