Setting the base url inside a anchor tag href in VueJS

In my Vue JS application I have a component to share a link on twitter and Facebook. Following is my code for twitter share option

<a href=",hashtag2,hashtag3">

I have two environments. Test and Live. Because of that when ever I change the environment I have to change the url parameter of he anchor tag manually. But without seting that manually, I’m trying to put he base url inside that anchor.

Eg: Instead of using how can I set the base url?


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Method 1

You can use window.location.origin.

in data property:

data: () => {
    return {
      baseUrl: window.location.origin,

And in template section:
<a :href="`${baseUrl}&hashtags=hashtag1,hashtag2,hashtag3`"

Method 2

Laraval has provided methods to get base URL:

// Get the base URL.
echo url('');

// .env file set app URL
echo config('app.url');

If you needed current URL then use below method:
echo url()->current();

As per your requirement:

<a href="{{ url('') }}/&hashtags=hashtag1,hashtag2,hashtag3">example</a>

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