Client repeats event action multiple times from one emit

I am creating a simple diffie hellman demo with sockets and it seems that whenever my server emits any event, the client repeats it multiple times.

For example: On the client side whenever I add a message I emit this new message to the server like so.

  const addMessage = (text) => {
    var newMessage = {
      id: nextID,
      from: name,
      message: text
    socket.emit("send-message", newMessage);
    setNextID(nextID + 1);    
    setMessages([...messages, newMessage]);

And then on the server side I add that message to the messages and emit the new bank of messages to the other clients.

    // Send message to other person
    socket.on("send-message", (message) => {    
        messages = [...messages, message];
        console.log(messages, "Newlinen");
        socket.broadcast.emit("receive-message", messages);

The clients receive it and updates their message bank. I console.log these actions.

    socket.on("receive-message", (receivedMessages) => {
      console.log("receieved messages");

But when I send a message it console.logs it repeats it like 100 times?? Client repeats event action multiple times from one emit

This happens for a lot of my other client side events handlers, repeating a action more than once, from just one emit from the server.

Why does this happen and how can I stop it?


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Method 1

If you are using ReactJs, be aware that if you add the listener in your components, any time the component gets updated it will add a new socket listener and for example on second second render, you’ll get 2 console.log s. So you must add the listener in your useEffect hook (componentDidMount in class component case).

And consider that even your components can be viewed a few times so then the listener will be duplicated. So you have to close your listeners on useEffect‘s return (componentWillUnmount in class component case)

So it must be like:

useEffect(() => {
    socket.on("receive-message", (receivedMessages) => {
      console.log("receieved messages");

    return () => {"receive-message");
}, []);

Method 2

try to change like:


socket.emit(“your event name”, “msg”)


var io = new require(“socket-io”)()
io.on(“connection”, (socket) => {
    socket.on(“your event name”, (msg) => {
        io.emit(“your event name”, msg)

try it out and it will be better 😀

Method 3

Just send the new message


socket.on("receive-message", (receivedMessages) => {
  console.log("receieved messages");
  setMessages(prevMessage => [...prevMessage, receivedMessages]);


socket.on("send-message", message => {    
    messages = [...messages, message];
    console.log(messages, "Newlinen");
    socket.broadcast.emit("receive-message", message);

All methods was sourced from or, is licensed under cc by-sa 2.5, cc by-sa 3.0 and cc by-sa 4.0

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