SOS! How do I deploy multiple Laravel apps on a windows IIS server in a LAN

I am setting up an IIS server in readiness to host multiple PHP web apps. These will be used within our local network so no need internet access. I have read a lot of stuff on how to go about it but am getting lost even more. someone please help.


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Method 1

You can refer to this document for detailed steps about deploy php application on IIS.

Here are some main important points:

  • Install IIS in control pannel(windows) or server manager(windows server).
  • Configure php. Youcan download it from php official website or Web PI(more recommand). The version over php8 may not work on IIS.
  • Make the physical path of site points to root folder of application. It will auto generate web.config. Set the permission of root folder to avoid 500 error.
  • If you have multiples version of php, you can isntall php manager to configure them.

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