Splitting mysql query output into variables

I’m trying using shell script, to split mysql query output and save it in variables. My code looks like this:

read -ra tokens<<<$(mysql -u root -p'password' -D'users_info' -se 'SELECT token FROM users_logs')
for i in "${tokens[@]}"; do
        echo $i
var=$(mysql -u root -p'password' -D'users_info' -se 'SELECT token FROM users_logs')
echo $var

and script output:

2z7bhxbk7egquokj855d3 we3cq1d95drdq3micu9cn we3cq1d95drdq3micu9cn

As you can see, query result is the bottom one and it contains 3 tokens, but when I’m trying to split, it returns only first one. I think that, it’s delimiter fault, but I don’t really know what delimiter is used here, if not space.
Can anyone help me please?


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Method 1

read should have no trouble with tabs. I suspect the issue is really the newlines – one line, one read. Try it this way –

while read -r t; do
  echo "${tokens[@]" # should show them accumulating
done < <(mysql -u root -p'password' -D'users_info' -se 'SELECT token FROM users_logs')


$: while read -r t; do tokens+=("$t"); echo "${tokens[@]}"; done < <( printf "%sn" a b c  )
a b
a b c

Whereas, what you are doing is basically this:

$: read -ra t < <( printf "%sn" a b c d e f g ) # only reads 1st line
$: echo "${#t[@]} ${t[@]}"
1 a

In this specific case…

You could probably use an otherwise bad-habit direct assignment to an array.

tokens=( $(mysql -u root -p'password' -D'users_info' -se 'SELECT token FROM users_logs') )

But don’t, unless you are going to add some data checking in your query. This is generally a horrible habit for several reasons, even if those tokens shouldn’t have any embedded whitespace.

The way you are doing it is better. You just need a read per line.

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