SQL plural/singular searches

How can I make plural/singular words pull all forms?

Example: If a person searches for “mens rings” how can I check the data base to see if any of the fields contain mens, men, men’s, ring, rings, etc.?


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Method 1

It dosn’t seem that using LIKE would be the best approach for what you need. I would look into MySQL FULLTEXT indexing to get the basic functionality working. I’ll have to look into the plural thing a bit more to see if that can be accomplished.

Take a look at these two links for FULLTEXT indexing info.

Here is a snippet from the second article:

SELECT headline, story FROM news
WHERE MATCH (headline,story) AGAINST ('Hurricane');


I found this SO post in which a comment seems to suggest that the FULLTEXT indexing will take plural and grammatical forms into account but he dosn’t cite a source, so it’s hard for me to say for sure. Can you try the FULLTEXT indexing method?

Method 2

The Sphinx full-text search engine for MySQL handles such cases, and a few more (see here).

It uses the Porter Stemmer algorithm [2][3] to map things like “fishing”, “fished”, “fish”, and “fisher” to a root stem of “fish” (see wiki).

Method 3

select * from index_table where item_name rlike '[[:<:]]preform[s]*[es]*[ies]*[[:>:]]';

Check if this helps. My case it worked out. Although will not cover for all plurals but yes for 90-95% cases.


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